Wedding Trends 2021

With the past period’s dramatic changes to the wedding industry, we see many trends rising

to the occasion magnificently, born out of necessity and aesthetic value. From tuning down the guest count to more personalized and lavish statement pieces, today we will be sharing with you our specially curated list of wedding trends 2021!

1. Intimate celebrations and Elopements

This comes as no surprise to any of you because, with all the uncertainties, there are still some restrictions. That doesn’t mean that the overall feel should be plain! In fact, more and more couples are seeking to elevate their decor and unique statement by recreating the grandeur of big weddings into their small celebrations! On the other side, in contrast to the guest count with grand receptions, covid weddings are more guest-centred with showing care and appreciation with welcome boxes and personalized favours. Relaxed and more informal, intimate nuptials are infused with all the feels which create a heartwarming ambience beautifully portrayed by wedding photographers!

2. Focus on Lighting

While this wasn’t prioritized in past years, the wedding trends 2021 bring a sense of whimsy with conceptual lighting and focus on the atmosphere! Cascading curtains of string lights, beautiful installations, ethereal candlelight and creative uplighting of venues are just some of the trends we will be seeing!

3. Bridal Dresses and Groom Suits

Wedding gowns that were tailored in the name of romance and poetry will bewitch your senses. This year is all about the sleeves! Puff, trumpet, cap and off the shoulder sleeves, all curated to give a striking yet airy statement. For those who don’t like long dresses, we will be seeing a rising trend of above the knee designs that are effortlessly sophisticated.

When it comes to grooms, the black tux will be rarely a preferred choice as more coloured style suits are making their way to the top. For colder weather, the jewel tones will be dominant, as for warmer, coral or light blue will be the choice of grooms. We have noticed this trend in black couple weddings and we are absolutely in love!

4. Decorations

As covid weddings gave light to the celebration of love, couples decided to focus on grandeur in terms of the decor instead of the guest count. The wedding trends 2021 are bringing more lavish foliages and breathtaking greenery. Gently adorned with florals in other colours, they are curated with one purpose – to awe-inspire your guests!

5. Cakes and alternative desserts

The creativity we will be seeing during this year in terms of statement cakes and desserts will be incredible! We personally have captured so many gorgeous small statement cakes from several Toronto weddings and we are over the moon that this trend is catching up! It is all about small single tiered cakes that are pure art, meticulously designed to fit the theme, but what we are loving even more is that couples are choosing alternatives such as gelatos, doughnuts, macarons, waffles and many more treats. Because the food will be the centre of attention, signature cocktails decorated with petals will also be all the rage!

6. Ceremony Seating

Mismatched seating in the spirit of a sophisticated living room interior will define the wedding trends 2021. Both aesthetically pleasing and safe for guests, fantastic right?

7. Colour trends

The classic white is slowly fading away, being replaced with fresh colour palettes and nature-inspired hues! During this year we will be seeing more prints too, everything purposely designed to evoke a bright and happy ambience.

If you find our wedding trends 2021 blog useful, feel free to share with your friends to inspire them to realize their dream bridal vision!