Wedding streaming can help your guests who can’t make it to the location celebrate your big
day virtually. Further, in the times of Covid weddings, live streaming the nuptials has become a necessity rather than an option. If you’re planning to host a virtual wedding too, here are 10 tips to help you achieve that!

1. Get Your Virtual Planning Team Ready

You can either have a planner or some of your friends be in charge of live streaming the ceremony. Have someone technical on the team too, so they’re able to troubleshoot any problems that come up during the big day.

2. Choose A Platform

Instagram Live, Facebook Live, Zoom Conferencing – you have many options for wedding
streaming. Some offer them to be on mute, comment, etc. Pick one that matches your preferences the best.

3. Create A Group Of Guests Who’ll Attend The Wedding Online

Have a separate group of guests who’re attending the wedding so you can coordinate and inform any updates to them well. This also helps clear any technical doubts so there’s
seamless live streaming on the main day.

4. Devise The Schedule Of Events You’re Planning To Broadcast

Don’t just invite guests for streaming the ceremony. Also stream the first dance, toasts, cake cutting, etc. Handle over the wedding schedule to your guests too and have a designated
person inform when the next event is live.

5. Pick A Location For Tripod

Make sure the tripod has solid ground so it doesn’t tip over. If you’re placing it in the midst of the seating, let it have its own seat. Also, ensure the tripod you pick handles the camera weight well.

6. Decorate

Even if you’re downsizing your Covid wedding, there’s no reason the decor shouldn’t be as
magnificent as planned. Go all out on floral arrangements to create a majestic setup for your
virtual guests, and yourself.
7. Test Live Stream For Audio & Video

Do a practice live wedding streaming session so you’re aware of the technicalities and fix any glitches if they do come up on the big day!

8. Get Creative

Apart from placing the tripod just beside the main ceremony location, there are other creative places you can try. Like placing it just behind the officiant to create a nice behind-the-scenes perspective or sending up a drone for some extra viewpoints.

9. Charge Your Device To The Max

It’s no-brainer advice but often forgotten in the rush of the wedding arrangements. Charge all
the devices to the maximum so they don’t run out in the middle. Have a backup in place so no one misses any important moment, in case, the unspeakable does happen!

10. Go Live With Your Streaming Service At Least 10 Minutes Before The Ceremony

Going live 10-15 minutes before the ceremony helps your guests to log in and get connected before you walk down the aisle. It also gives them time to check their connection and troubleshoot any issues that may come up. Hope these tips come in handy for your virtual and unforgettable celebrations! Don’t forget to
check out our other articles regarding more wedding trends 2021. Do reach out to us if you’ve any more questions regarding virtual wedding streaming. We are more than happy to
help and inspire you for the biggest celebration of your life.