The worldwide pandemic caused by COVID-19 made us rethink almost everything about life, and weddings are no exception. Due to the restrictions enforced by governments that minimize social gatherings, it is no surprise that more and more couples are going for small weddings. Nuptials with a smaller number of guests have a special atmosphere that makes them truly magical. They assure you that the people you are going to see during your big day are the ones you really care about. This way, you can avoid hosting someone you’ve never seen or didn’t keep in touch with. And since there are fewer people at your mini wedding, you can make sure everything is perfectly executed — down to the tiniest detail. But how do you organize a pandemic wedding? Here are some tips for you to consider! 

Decide on a venue.

Regardless of your event’s size, picking your location is one of the most critical choices you have to make because it dictates the overall atmosphere of the day itself. Therefore, find a venue that is perfect for small weddings. It can be your favourite restaurant that has a function hall or a resort that gives you the option for an outdoor ceremony and indoor reception. What’s important is that the seating capacity matches your expected number of guests with enough room for social distancing.

Put health and safety first.

 While your pandemic wedding is a celebration of the love between you and your significant other, you would also want to make sure all of your guests stay healthy and COVID-free during and after your event. So, ask someonewho can communicate COVID safety protocols to your guests. The wedding trends have embraced masks as additional means to personalize your style, so you can include stylish and unique face masks that meet the government’s standards and distribute them to your guests. Provide alcohol sprays and post cute social distancing signs to remind your guests to stay safe. 

Consider the essentials.

No matter the wedding trends, marriage rites should always have the basics. Since you have fewer guests, you can choose to upgrade your menu, the cake, and allot some cash on professional photography. Some nice music will keep the guests relaxed during the ceremony while the sumptuous food will satisfy their cravings. Make sure to book photography and videography teams that will beautifully capture the moments for you and your visitors to enjoy and share.

Stream your event.

Hosting small weddings doesn’t have to exclude everyone else. While you are limiting your number of guests for your event, you can give others the chance to be there as you tie the knot — digitally. You can ask someone to incorporate a virtual element into your wedding. We can see weddings 2021 including video streaming apps like Zoom! In that way, the rest of your family and friends can still witness the most important day of your life. The one thing to make sure of is that there will be a stable internet service at the venue to guarantee a stress-free stream.We hope that this blog inspired you to consider small weddings as the perfect opportunity to have a safe and unforgettable celebration. 

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