Many couples postponed their 2020 getting married plans to a wedding 2021 or 2022 hoping the Covid will die down. To our surprise & dismay though, this pandemic has dragged longer than expected. So, a lot of couples have decided that their celebration of love can’t wait anymore. With proper precautions and safety protocols, love will be celebrated! A huge partof this safety strategy includes wearing a mask and aligning with the wedding fashion, a mask, in particular. Before you shop for wedding masks though, here are 4 things to keep in mind:

#1 Ask Your Bridal Dress Designer To Make You One!

Many bridal salons are stitching customized couples mask for bride and groom, so you might want to ask them to tailor designs for you! They’ll generally design masks with the same fabric so it matches your outfits perfectly, and give a fashionable attribute to your safety approach.

#2 Purchase In Bulk

Many Instagram & Etsy stores have started selling bulk masks for events, including small wedding ceremonies. They have catered to many couples and would be able to help you no matter what preferences you have.

#3 Both Medical-Grade & Cloth Coverings Can Work

According to CDC, face coverings, both medical grade and cloth ones, are effective at
blocking the Covid-19 virus. So, you can choose any one of them to keep your guests safe.
Have a mix of both and your guests will pick the one that makes them feel secure and

#4 Customise If You Can

There are all kinds of wedding masks available, including those beautifully customized to add a personal touch to your big day. Choose these personalized ones to curate a
celebration that’s truly unique to you.

Also, you will find below a list of the best bridal masks for your Covid wedding:

1. Personalised Save The Date Disposable Face Masks (Link)
These cute Save The Date wedding masks come in 11 colours and also have kids’ variety,
perfect for your wedding 2021. Individually wrapped and disposable, they make for perfect favours.

2. Davids Bridal Satin Adjustable Mask (Link)

A fashion wedding mask that’s just as functional as it’s elegant. The adjustable ear loops and quality fabric makes them comfortable to wear. Plus, the pricing makes them a perfect pick for brides, bridesmaids, and groomsmen too!

3. Bride & Groom Matching Couples Mask (Link

Make sure your status is identified with these cute couple masks. The store also offers
customization, so you can get one for maid of honour, mother of the bride, and other tags as well.

4. Elegant Satin Lace Bridal Mask (Link)

A lace design can complement any bridal dress and accentuate its elegance. This one made with satin and three layers for bacterial filtration and air permeation is just what you need in your wedding trousseau.

5. Mr. & Mrs. Couples Mask (Link)

For someone getting married, it’s hard to get over the Mr. and Mrs.merch. Here’s another
gorgeous addition to the collection to wear on your special day, and beyond!
Know a couple planning a covid wedding soon and looking for a wedding mask? Share this with them to offer some help and inspiration for their special day. Make sure to browse through our other articles for more fantastic recommendations!