There are countless reasons why you should have an engagement session! Having fun in front of the camera, spending quality time with your partner, and learning to pose for the wedding day is one part of the reason. In addition, you’ll have a keepsake for this epic milestone and can also flaunt these pictures on social media, plus use them for Save the Dates & the wedding website. If you’re already sold on the idea of an engagement session, here’s all you need to know about them.

When should you schedule the engagement photo session?

The best time can vary depending on your individual preferences. Here are the most
common options – pick whatever works best for you:
● Early in the engagement: You can schedule the session a few days after
engagement to mark this iconic moment and also use the pictures to make the big
● When the wedding date is set: You probably like a photographer and want to know
if he’s the right one for the wedding. In this case, let them shoot an engagement
session for you. Some photographers also offer discounts when you book them for
two events.
● 3-6 months before: When you’re in the midst of wedding planning and want to
practice what wedding day posing would look like!
You’d also want to factor in the season and weather. Most photographers, including me,
recommend spring and fall for picturesque backdrops and a comfortable atmosphere.

How to choose your photographer?

You should select your photographer based on two things: shoot style and personality. Take a good look at your Pinterest inspiration board and then, the portfolio of your chosen photographer. Pick the one that comes close enough to your mood board. Next, talk to them (go out for a cup of coffee) and see if you can get along well. Lastly, look for their unique editing style – which is also their brand style – and see if that aligns with your vision.

What should you wear?

Since most engagement shoots are planned in the early morning or evening when the sun rays are warm, I’d recommend picking a wardrobe that’s simple, subtle, and neutral. Florals, pastels, beige, and whites create a timeless palette. Also, avoid deep, vivid hues like red or orange as the light just reflects back on your face. However, I do encourage my couples to be as formal or casual as they like. It is important to wear something you feel comfortable in and that confidence will be flawlessly portrayed in the photos!
Where to take the engagement photos?The location can be a nostalgic one like where you first met, your favourite restaurant, or the place where he popped the question. Else, you can rely on my expertise to pick out a fantastic location for you based on your preferences. Some couples also prefer to have their session doing their favourite activity, like cuddling up beside a bonfire, cooking their favourite meal, playing a sport, etc. I love to experiment, and if you have a creative idea in mind, I’d love to discuss more!

How to pose for engagement photos?

There are lots of poses for inspiration on Pinterest, and I’m sure you have them all saved.
Starting out with basic poses help, and then you can just go with the flow. Here are a few
1. Traditional side-by-side shots with the couple looking at each other or the camera
and smiling.
2. Holding hands and walking towards the camera
3. Man picking up his bride-to-be and smiling
4. Talking to each other and laughing for a candid pose
5. Forehead Kiss from the slant angle
6. Snuggling pose with man wrapping his arms around the woman
7. The romantic dip pose
8. Engagement ring shots
These are just the common poses. Of course, the best ones come in when the couple’s
personality and fun play comes out. My mantra is to help you pose just slightly, experiment, to follow the flow of the moment and the charm of your personalities.
If you’re a betrothed couple looking for an engagement session, I’d be more than happy to help. 

Please go through my engagement photoshoot couples here, and hit me up at to have a relaxed chat about your wishe