Do I Need Two Photographers for My Wedding?

Your nuptials will not be complete without the services of a qualified wedding photographer. You want someone who actively works to capture special moments so you’ll have photos to cherish for the rest of your lives. But in recent years, there has been a growing need for a second shooter, especially if the couple wants to capture as many reactions and details aspossible. If the wedding is particularly large, one professional may not be enough, so the expertise of another is needed.

Here are 4 reasons you may need a second shooter:

More Angles

During your wedding, there are just so many things happening at the same time. For
example, you need someone to capture the moment as you walk down the aisle and your groom’s reaction, and your parents’ emotions at the same time. This won’t be possible if you only have one lensman — he or she can’t be in two places at the same time! To get both moments simultaneously, you need two photographers. When more than one professional takes care of your wedding photography, they can take snapshots of more moments happening in every corner of the venue.

One Lensman for the Ladies, One for the Gents

When planning a wedding, some couples want a photographer for each gender. For
example, some brides want to ask the opinion of their photographer about their hair and make-up, so they prefer a female shooter. On the other hand, some grooms would like a male wedding photographer to take their photos. Whether it’s a traditional or a cultural thing, having two shooters will be beneficial for such couples. Having said that, not every photography team is built with one male and one female, so be sure to inquire about this setup before booking your wedding photographers.

Simultaneous Shooting

Having one wedding photographer when you and your groom are preparing from two
different locations can be quite challenging. It takes a lot of time moving from place to place while carrying all his or her gear. With two professionals, one will be with you at the Bridal Suite while the other will be with your significant other at the Groom’s Suite. This idea savesyou both time and energy — not to mention you will look fresh because things are happening synchronously.

Faster Reception Portrait Shoots

If your ceremony is happening at a different location from your reception, you’ll appreciatethe fact that the two shutterbugs can get things going faster. While one is still shooting at the ceremony area, the other person can pack up, run to the reception, and start taking photos. This setup speeds up family portraits, allowing everyone to move to the reception sooner. If you have hundreds of guests on your wedding day, having two photographers shooting will be your best option.
We hope that these reasons will help you decide whether you need an additional wedding photographer for your nuptials. And remember, always put on your smile and be yourself on your special day — it’s your time shine!